A Compendium of Clues
Likely evidence of Russian/KGB scalar electromagnetic testing




March 24, 1977 - a luminous patch of light appeared off the coast of Spanish Sahara, Africa, and a large globe of dynamic lights appeared over it. Bearden says this was a test of the Tesla shield which shields everything within it from any outside attack.

June 11, 1977 - Soviet scientist gave a report to *Los Angeles Times* journalist Robert Toth (who was in Moscow) which spoke of energy coming from the vacuum of space. KGB quickly arrested both and charged them with possessing Soviet state secrets. Most American scientists at the time thought energy from the vacuum was nonsense.

September 26, 1977 - Russia launched the Intercosmos 17 octagon space vehicle and destroyed the U.S. moon base, as mentioned in earlier *Fire From The Sky* material. Soviets also destroyed our spy satellites and "took the high ground." Russia has prevented us from controlling space ever since.

December 1977 and later - mysterious unexplained booms began occurring off the U.S. coasts. This was, according to Bearden, Soviet weapon registration and calibration, and according to Beter was warnings to our government.

Also in 1977 - Russia began weather war in earnest. Two huge hot spots in the Pacific were created which caused an El Niņo effect and resulted in one of the most severe winters on record. For more information, read Tom Bearden's materials and check his reference material.

January 27, 1978 - all three engines fail on a Boeing 727 off U.S. east coast, restart one by one as plane falls 8,000 feet. Bearden says this was a Soviet test and warning. Four planes crash in 6 days NW of Las Vegas in February, 1978. From this point on the aircraft events and crashes are too numerous to list and are still ongoing. Atmospheric booms were reported over Texas coast, Nova Scotia, South Carolina.

April 2, 1978 - 39 pilots in a race off Florida experience "time loss" on synchronized watches. Unexplained lights and lighted objects seen and tracked on radar over Florida.

For more information on scalar EM bird kills, earthquakes, Tesla shield observations, crashes, and much more as part of Soviet man-caused events, see Tom Bearden's material, Dr. Beter's material, and related material from other authors. There are far too many for me to list.



5. Aiming at the Space Shuttle 
"Two weeks before the Russian scalar interferometer weapon killed the Arrow DC-8, in late November 1985 that same Russian weapon was practicing against convenient U.S. shuttle launches at Cape Canaveral, Florida, for crew training, and was offsetting the strike of the resulting electromagnetic missile formed to do the dirty work (final kill) so it would not hit the shuttle and kill it. I obtained the rights to a photograph taken by Bob Gladwin of the actual strike of that EM missile, offset from that night shuttle launch in latter Nov. 1985, and published that photograph openly. I attach a picture of that photograph.  In other words, I published the smoking gun, not idle speculation. 

"In the sky above the shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral that night was another little stationary EM missile (ball of EM energy, glowing) used as a known registration point.  The Russians were using a standard artillery firing technique: shift from a known registration point. 

"As an old field artilleryman, I had no difficulty whatsoever in recognizing that familiar type of artillery registration and how the shooting was being conducted and why. Hundreds of persons in that area in Florida that night observed that latter "registration point" ball of light high above the shuttle launch. I also obtained the rights to a photo of that ball of light as the distant operator slew it away. I bought it from George Suchary, the photographer who took it, and published it as well. I also include a snapshot of it. Further, that photo (by George Suchary) was also published in the Fort Pierce Tribune in Florida. Check it out. This is about two weeks before the Arrow DC-8 was killed at Gander. 

"The Russian crews were practicing even then.   Two weeks later, that same Russian longitudinal EM interferometer weapon that had been doing its final crew training and firing practice against U.S. shuttle launches in latter Nov., killed the Arrow DC-8 at Gander on Dec. 12, 1985."

. . . "Two other kills were a Titan ICBM fired from Vandenberg AFB, and a picture of that explosion is also published in Aviation Week & Space Technology. There are two of the photos, one cropped to simulate close-up, and one the original shot from further back where you can see above the explosion which is well-developed. There about an inch above that explosion is that little tell-tale "registration point" ball of light. Check it out.

"I had an engineer friend at NBC in Los Angeles study that videotape, frame by frame. That little ball of light appeared in 17 frames, and moved off completely independently of the explosion. There were no "bogies on the range" at Vandenberg AFB when the Titan was launched. Again, we had the smoking gun. The kill was simple, very similar to the kill of the U.S.S. Thresher. Just surge the rising missile with some EM energy appearing in the missile right out of the local spacetime. That explodes the propellant all-at-once, hence the missile explosion. That was the test of an interferometer used in a launch-phase ABM defense system mode."

Further, at Gander on Dec. 12th, a Canadian eyewitness, Judy Parsons, physically saw the actual strike of the EM missile, as a streak of light that came out of the clouds and struck the aircraft just at or after its liftoff, hitting it in the right fuselage ahead of the wing and engines. A picture of the hole burned right through the fuselage of the aircraft was published in Aviation Week & Space Technology -- check it out. The edges of the holes were tested and there were no explosives residues there.  Further, the recorders on board the aircraft, on two separate channels, were "pulsed" by that EM missile strike, precisely at the same time, and thus recorded the sudden anomalous voltage pulse resulting from a strong EM anomaly that had struck the aircraft. Again, go check it out on the recorder prints themselves. Don't just write about it from afar, but be an investigative reporter. 

Further, the EM ball of energy explosively entered the forward cabin very energetically. It explosively and instantly massively ignited the plastic material in the forward cabin, zipping around furiously in there. The plastics explosively outgassed -- one product being hydrogen cyanide. A few breaths and any and all in that area were either dead of cyanide poisoning or were dying of it. Autopsies of the bodies later showed that about half the personnel on the aircraft were in fact dead of hydrogen cyanide poisoning prior to the crash and explosion of the aircraft. That information, however, seems to have been withheld from the Canadian Transportation Safety Board.  Again, go check it out. 

. . . [speaking of the Gander kill] Further, the EM ball of energy explosively entered the forward cabin very energetically. It explosively and instantly massively ignited the plastic material in the forward cabin, zipping around furiously in there. The plastics explosively outgassed -- one product being hydrogen cyanide. A few breaths and any and all in that area were either dead of cyanide poisoning or were dying of it. Autopsies of the bodies later showed that about half the personnel on the aircraft were in fact dead of hydrogen cyanide poisoning prior to the crash and explosion of the aircraft. That information, however, seems to have been withheld from the Canadian Transportation Safety Board.  Again, go check it out. 

. . . "There is one new isotope of Aluminum that can be and is formed that way, that is also long-term weakly radioactive. Hence it persists in the struck metal for years. Therefore a rigorous measurement of the exact isotopic constitution of the aluminum in the exact struck material will show an isotope constituency that differs from that in the rest of the aircraft aluminum. Mass spectrometry can reveal the isotopic composition change.  If this kind of test finds that isotopic change, then that is 100% proof that a scalar interferometer hit that target at that point, since directed energy weapons of normal kind do not change the isotopic constitution of the aluminum."

. . . "Exposure of the living body to significant LW EM radiation will interfere with these body functions. After a bit of time, all sorts of symptoms will emerge in the LW-irradiated and exposed bodies: the symptoms include headaches, nausea, dizziness, stomach and intestinal difficulties, weakness, loss or upset of equilibrium, arthritic symptoms, excess fatigue syndrome, various chronic pains and aches, rashes, etc. Fairly significant exposure to LW EM radiation over some hours will usually generate long-lasting symptoms and even long-lasting debilitation.

"Some 60 of the Canadian ground handlers engaged in  wreckage retrieval at Gander, were exposed to such longitudinal EM emission from the wreckage. These handlers came down with the appropriate symptoms, many were debilitated, and some perhaps long-term debilitated."

. . . "So try to find an ordinary aircraft wreck where five dozen ground handlers all came down with symptoms of excess longitudinal EM wave irradiation. It doesn't exist. "

. . . "Also be advised that most major weapon labs in the world now have at long last discovered longitudinal EM waves and related impure longitudinal EM waves with some transverse EM wave residues. Such impure longitudinal EM waves are called "Undistorted Progressive Waves", or UPWs for short. E.g., get on the Los Alamos National Laboratory web site, and download some papers on "undistorted progressive waves" etc by Rodrigues, Liu, etc. You may be surprised to see what astounding characteristics such waves (longitudinal waves that are impure and still have some transverse EM wave residues) exhibit. Such as traveling faster than the speed of light or slower than the speed of light."

. . .  "'So I would encourage you to be serious about what has been a deadly threat to Canada and to the United States for some decades. And believe then U.S. Secretary of Defense Cohen when he confirmed that some very unusual electromagnetic weapons do exist and are being used against us."

Bearden: http://www.earthchangestv.com/ufo/0209gandor.htm

6. BRIGHT SKIES Top-Secret Weapons Testing?


"One such event type commonly reported consists of massive high-energy  five-to-ten-second bursts of blue-white light seen in the night-time skies of the upper atmosphere. Such events have been reported in WA by many observers including meteor experts and amateur astronomers who are categorically certain that these are not transient light bursts due to single meteors or multiple meteor showers. 

. . . "Normally, no massive object or moving light source is seen in association with these events. However, the massive blue-white light energy emissions are at times quite similar in power output to those very bright, blue-white light flash events often reported occurring in conjunction with fireballs and their 'explosion.'  Similar events involving massive blue-white light burst emissions have also been reported as occurring at ground level."

. . . "Another 1996 night-time incident was observed near Rocky Gully in the south-west of WA and was described as a very scary event where massive blue-white streamers of arcing electricity issued from the forest floor into the atmosphere, creating an intense, violent, blue-white glow (and an attendant "electrical noise") that was visible for miles-"like someone with a giant arc welder". This event persisted for at least several minutes. The observers fled the area in fear for their lives, phased out by the apparently enormous energy involved in the event."

. . . "Another style of light-energy emission event being observed involves orange-red coloured forms hanging statically in the night sky. Commonly pencil-beam-shaped (vertical or at 45 degrees), but including rare spherical forms, this style of event has been reported since about 1985, with an apparent increase since about 1990 but with many more sightings reported since 1993. Some 100 such events have been reported."

. . ."I now have many eyewitness accounts of such vertical orange beams seen at night over land over the past two years here in WA."

"One 1996 Brisbane beam event report was very significant as the observers saw very-high-voltage, blue-white discharge streamers issuing from their house wall-mounted mains power box as an orange beam hovered nearby in the sky. Members of another household reported their power box hummed violently as the orange beam hovered some distance away in the sky.

"This data confirms the probability that Tesla-style longitudinal scalar EM potentials were involved in this Brisbane event (and therefore were possibly present during the other beam events), probably created by a remote Tesla EM transmitter and issuing from local space-time 'vacuum' at the standing wave target node, i.e., the beam location.

. . . "At this time, scalar EM wave interference is the preferred physics mechanism for the formation of both fireballs and their associated phenomena as well as the exotic static light emission events.

. . . "In an early telephone call, Dan Gelber informed me that the US had found evidence that in 1992 the Aum sect had sent a research team to study at the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Their objective was to get data on Tesla's electromagnetic wave transmission technology, as related to an earthquake-inducing weapons system. 

. . . "Several Tesla waves sent from different transmitters may also be engineered to combine by interferometry to produce an EM slug of very-high-level infolded or contained energy, with any desired light emission shape, colour and intensity. This slug of EM energy may be moved around the planet at will-visibly or invisibly). The contained energy may be released by a further specific transmission. The EM slug can be moved into the Earth, through the air or into the sea. If 'detonated' in the Earth, an earthquake is the result. In a building or a city, a violent explosion of pseudo nuclear style is the result (even up to nuclear force levels).








Eyewitness Accounts Of Possible Soviet EM Weapons Tests 

"It is now known that Russian and American scientists have for several decades been working on and
developing "scalar electromagnetic technology." It is believed that it was this technology, used to
modify weather patterns, that created the massive flooding in the Midwest during the summer of 1993."http://www.cowan70.freeserve.co.uk/new_technology/tesla_technology.htm




There has been a series of tests of these kinds of weapons, apparently, for a number of years. For
example, airliners from Iran, before the fall of the Shah, saw deep within the Soviet Union very large,
glowing spherical balls of light that started small and then expanded to very large size, which are
apparently Tesla weapons for use in an anti-ballistic missile defense role. 

The unknown phenomenon was seen from two aircraft approaching Mehrabad Airport in Teheran, Iran
on June 17, 1966 and reported by their pilots. On the far horizon deep within the Soviet Union, an
intense spherical ball of light appeared, sitting on the horizon so to speak. The globe of light increased
to enormous size, dimming as it did so, literally filling an arc of the distant sky as it expanded. The
sighting was shielded from most ground observers view at the airport itself due to an intervening
mountain range that masked most of the phenomena from the ground. The silent, expanding globe
was observed for four or five minutes before it faded away. 

The London Sunday Times of August 17, 1980 ran a story and a photo-sketch of a possible sighting of
the testing of very large Tesla globes deep within the Soviet Union. British war cameraman Nick
Downie made the sightings in Afghanistan. The phenomena seen were in the direction of the
Saryshagan Missile Test Range, which, according to the U.S. Defense Departments Soviet Military
Power - 1986, contains one or more large directed energy weapons (DEW's). 

Although Downie was seeing the globe of light from a great distance, it flared silently over the Hindu
Kush and expanded to subtend an arc of about 20 degrees, dimming as it expanded. An arc of 20
degrees subtended by an object many hundreds of miles suggests an object of more than a hundred
miles in diameter. This gives some idea of the enormous energy being controlled and manipulated by
these Russian weapons.