Some Samples of Java Code
For Joe to Look at
Customize for your own use!

1. Cool Stars effects with swarm at Cursor

2. Scroller Fader - text scrolls and fades

3. Javascript Search - four engines in four windows

4. Javascript Calendar - Nice calendar page (useless?)

5. Text Flasher - Flashes text in a box at any speed

6. Background Rollover - Rollover changes bkgd color

7. Make pic full widow size - resizes a pic

8. Delayed Popup window - you set the delay time fecal

9. Simplest back button - one little line of code

10 Always on top - keeps a window on top (doesn't work)

11. Ants - ants attack the cursor

11. UFO wars -  swarming ufos

12. Slideshow Test - Vincent Kartheiser
      full pic size